Always Start A Trip

Electronic devices make it easier and easier for people to disconnect.  Beginning road trips with one or more members of my family makes this annoying.  The trip is not simply about a destination – it is also about the journey.

Long ago, when Sony Walkmans were the electronic device of choice, and about the only thing portable, a tradition began.  No electronics are allowed until we are on the highway and have sung the official song launching the adventure, “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree”.  Why?  Originally it was the first song on my playlist.  The fact that it is almost 20 minutes long is a special bonus.  (Thank you, Arlo Guthrie!)  Thus a tradition was born.

By the time the song ends, everyone is singing loudly and with “feeling”.  Electronics are forgotten momentarily.  Family members are united in offkey celebration, and are now focused on the trip ahead.  So the adventure begins.



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