Motorcycle riding is traditionally done on a two-wheeled bike however, there are times when a driver may need to switch from two wheels to three.  Often an emotional decision, the choice of what type of three-wheeled motorcycle factors heavily into the migration process.  Life changes forced me to assess my continued journey on two-wheels.  Mulling the options over, I decided to make the leap to three wheels only if it were the perfect bike.

After several disappointments, I half-heartedly continued looking for a trike option, preferably a Can-Am Spyder.  As quickly as I would find one in good condition that was affordable, it would be sold.  Purusing online ads one Saturday night, I saw the Spyder I “needed”.  However, it was in Texas.  I’m in Colorado.  Surely by now, it had been sold.

Making the call, the owner of the bike dealership was still there, just getting ready to close.  Yes, the Spyder was still there.  He chuckled at my offer to place a non-refundable deposit and said he’d hold it for me.

Next obstacle, getting plane tickets – not one but two since I wanted my husband to inspect it also.  Last minute afforable tickets – unheard of previously.  Checking, the perfect flight was available for under $40 per person.

One more problem – the flight was to Dallas.  The Spyder was in Killeen.  Car rental agencies typically charge a deadhead fee for the one-way trip and it was convoluted to doubleback.  Except this time they were willing to waive the fee.

Arriving in Killeen, the Spyder was exactly as advertised, running great and ready for a trip to Colorado.  As we spoke with the dealership owner and his wife, we began to marvel and laugh at the coincidences.

They had never advertised using the source I found it on but tried it the day before just for this bike.  Killeen is a military town so they were struggling to sell it in a young military community.  Reluctantly they were planning to take it to auction the following week.  The paint job is custom airbrushed in a specific design that also limited interest but is one I love!

The right bike.  The right buyer.  The right timing.  The right price.  Coincidences?  Or was it simply meant to be.



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