Shock Value

Alice Cooper’s album School’s Out was released right around the time when I became enamored with music that provided shock value if my mother heard it. At this same time, my mother established a rule that she had to approve of any records I wanted to buy before the purchase. Bad timing!

In a brief moment of being an obedient daughter, I asked Mom if I could buy School’s Out. Fortunately there was no internet so she couldn’t see what he looked like. Ever resourceful, she decided to ask people she worked with if there was anything inappropriate or unacceptable about the album. I’m not sure who she asked but I am forever grateful because they blessed my purchase. I was shocked!

Certainly it is a far cry from current music that strives to shock. That doesn’t matter. It marks the beginning of my rebellion. I still love this album with all its pops and cracks and extra noise that comes with often played vinyl.

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