This Land

My mother typically is emotionally contained, revealing little of her inner self. However, if I wake her up in the afternoon and have some time to listen on the phone, her chatty, candid, unfiltered emotions rise to the surface.

During a recent call at just the right time, I learned that Mom is a huge Harry Belafonte fan. She saw him in concert in the early 60’s in Colorado Springs and had quite a bit to say about it.

“He is absolutely the most handsome man I have ever seen in my entire life. He came out in a starched white shirt, impeccably dressed and then he opened his mouth and started to sing. That voice. Well… Oh my.”

She still has every one of his albums that she ever bought. One of her favorite songs to hear him sing is “This Land Is Your Land”. Incredible song. The lyrics are as timely as ever.

I will always treasure this candid chat with Mom.

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