Silence Sounds Different

Driving home at night with Wayne, the volume was low on the music while we talked about our evening. As a song came on, Wayne gave me a deeply bewildered look. Turning the volume up, he remained perplexed but quickly grew to intrigue.

Disturbed’s release of “Sounds of Silence” was playing. Realizing that he hadn’t heard it before, I turned the volume up some more and started the song over.

I was so happy that he appreciated the brooding, different approach. For me, it seems to bring an intriguing twist to the lyrics.

Wayne isn’t caught off guard very often but he was with this. I love that he will keep an open mind, and ears, while listening to something new. Plus it’s really fun to see his face when he is bewildered. We don’t always agree on music but on this occasion we did – it’s good stuff.

<a href=””>Bewildered</a&gt;


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